This is your guide...

Well one thing about me is that i'm super awesome. But another thing about me is that im unreasonable. So yes you should know that. Dont expect ANYTHING out of a conversation with me. Really don't expect a conversation outta me at all im sorta weird about that. You can expect birds from me though

Cippy is a different type of tumblr user. Cippy has some unique features like autism, homestuck and others that you may not find in other normal people. Really they're quite typical of tumblr users though so idk why i said that. Cippy consists of blood, coolness, and chewed fingernails. That means that most of you talking to Cippy are extraordianrily lucky to have her in your life. In fact, Cippy talks to herself every day to reward herself. To learn more about how to talk to Cippy, read on.

Wanna read her stuff

In order to gain enormous quantities of joy, you can just look at her tumblr blog. But if you are looking for something more personal well 1. you're a creep but 2. you're in luck because she likes to write too. see?

Once you're ready to get out of this html file and read some of the best material ever written, you can look here. Right now, Cippy hasn't released much. But the public awaits. Truly Cippy is being cruel by depriving the world of her writing. But some would say that we are lucky to witness even her tumblr blog, especially since it is known that she hates it there. Open google docs and write about birds yourself if you wish to stand in her image.

Quick joy and happiness forever

No more reading boring stuff and losing your hope in all literature. When reading Cippy, you'll find that your will to live is stronger than its ever been before.